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  • Danitrio Mikado Collection wins Pen World Magazine's Readers' Choice Awards

    The Danitrio Mikado Fountain Pen series wins the Pen World Magazine's Readers' Choice Awards in the category of Best Urushi Arts Pen announced on P...
  • Urushi & Maki-E Pen Glossary

    With all the Japanese terms and urushi lingo that often tossed around, we thought it may be helpful to put together a glossary that covers the lang...
  • What is Tame-nuri on an urushi pen?

    Tame-nuri describes the “clear” urushi coat that is applied to allow for an individual to see deep into the layers of the pen. It is common to find traditional tame-nuri urushi pens contain a thinner edge around the cap and the barrel, revealing the base color of the pen.
  • How Urushi Lacquer is Collected

    Urushi lacquer is most famously known for its ability to create a beautiful finish on any object that it is applied to. 

    The lacquer itself is made up of the sap in Toxicodendron Vernicifluum tree; the "urushi" name is derived from the oily compound urushiol.