Yesterday (Feb 12) was one of the hardest day in history for us. After the CA Pen Show, my wife and I went to go eat a restaurant around 7pm over in Manhattan Beach and parked our rental car over in Manhattan Ave & 12th. When we returned back to the car around 9pm, we found that the driver's side window was shattered and proceeded to look in the trunk -- all of our luggage had been stolen, one that included a significant amount of Danitrio and ShiZen pens. The moment has continued to replay in my head and I have been in utter shock since, and of course, now thinking hindsight probably would have been a better idea to store them differently. There were some witnesses nearby that had called the police and had only information that a man and woman in a green/grey minivan had rolled up and performed the robbery but, unfortunately, there were no license plate information and the cops arrived after the suspect had already left the scene. This was in front of houses with cameras that only had motion activated and didn't activate with the distance they were from the parking lot.

As you may understand, as a small business this is catastrophic. We are doing everything we can to see if we can support the police department in locating the perpetrator and still hopeful that they will be found. We would like to ask everyone for a favor, if you see any suspicious behavior of Danitrio/ShiZen pens all of sudden showing up on the internet mysteriously especially in large quantities, please let us know. Also, any reposts or reshares of this post would be appreciated to help get the word out to the masses. I have attached on the 2nd picture of this IG post of all the pens at the CA show, a portion of these pens were in the stolen luggage. Please message us on IG or send us an email at if you have any information that would benefit the investigation.

We will do our best to support our customers during this time but we ask that everyone please be patient with us as we work through this major obstacle.

- Jason at UrushiPen


All missing pens have been posted in the Missing Pens Collection page. Since many of these pens are new and professional photography editing is not completed yet, not all may have a picture on the product page yet. However, we do have a picture of the pens brought to the pen show which are shown below and about half of them were among the ones that were stolen (see this IG post for a video of the pens up close). As we have more product pictures edited, we will be adding them to the corresponding product pages.


Part Number Description
TN-TNS-KI-RM4C-MS-01 ShiZen Tanoshi Kiiro Tame-nuri on Ranga M4C Fountain Pen
TN-MKS-AO-RM4C-MS-01 ShiZen Mokuso Ao Tame-nuri on Ranga M4C Fountain Pen
TN-SHZ-MI-RM4C-MS-01 ShiZen Shizukana Midori Tame-nuri on Ranga M4C Fountain Pen
TN-KGY-AK-RM5-MS-01 ShiZen Kagayaki Aka Tame-nuri on Ranga M5 Fountain Pen
TN-TNS-KI-RM5-MS-01 ShiZen Tanoshi Kiiro Tame-nuri on Ranga M5 Fountain Pen
TN-SHZ-MI-RM5-MS-01 ShiZen Shizukana Midori Tame-nuri on Ranga M5 Fountain Pen
TN-KR-MU-RM5-MS-01 ShiZen Kurai Murasaki on Ranga M5 Fountain Pen
MK-TURT-KU-RM5-YS-01 ShiZen Two Swimming Turtles on Ranga M5 Fountain Pen
MK-DRG-KU-RM5-KS-01 ShiZen Dragon's Descent on Ranga M5 Fountain Pen
RM-25-BL Danitrio Roiro-migaki in Blue on Sho-Genkai Fountain Pen
TA-12-RD Tame-nuri in Red on Junikaku Fountain Pen
RM-12-BK Roiro-migaki in Black on Junikaku Fountain Pen
ISH-2E-RD Ishimeji in Red on Mikado Fountain Pen
RM-8-BL Roiro-migaki in Blue on Hyotan Fountain Pen
N-1102-BK Danitrio Long-Tailed Phoenix Maki-E on Takumi Fountain Pen
N-813 Dragon and Phoenix Maki-E on Sho-Hakkaku  Fountain Pen
BK-7 Danitrio Japanese Crested Ibis Maki-E on Sho-Hakkaku Fountain Pen
KM-88SC-BG Danitrio Kama-nuri in Black on Red w/Painted Nashiji-nuri Gold Clip on Sho-Hakkaku Fountain Pen
TA-2E-KI Tame-nuri in Yellow on Mikado Fountain Pen
N-977 Danitrio Sakura & Butterflies in the Air Maki-E on Takumi Fountain Pen
RN-101 Danitrio Ko-Omote Noh-Men Maki-E on Hyotan Fountain Pen
F-3 Danitrio Hachi-no Ki Maki-E on Hyotan Fountain Pen
N-971 Danitrio Golden Phoenix Maki-E on Takumi Fountain Pen
N-203 Danitrio Butterfly Maki-E on Takumi Fountain Pen
N-815 Danitrio Dragon Maki-E on Takumi Fountain Pen
TA-5C-SH Danitrio Tame-nuri in Red on Takumi w/Clip Fountain Pen
RM-7-BL Roiro-migaki in Blue on Bamboo Story Fountain Pen
RM-7-RD Roiro-migaki in Red on Bamboo Story Fountain Pen
RM-7-BK Roiro-migaki in Black on Bamboo Story Fountain Pen
RN-7-GN Roiro-migaki in Green on Bamboo Story Fountain Pen
TA-7-KI Tame-nuri in Yellow on Bamboo Story Fountain Pen Fountain Pen
TA-7-DD Tame-nuri in Dark Red Streaks on Bamboo Story Fountain Pen
ITK-7-GN Irokeshi-dame in Green on Bamboo Story Fountain Pen
KM-2EC-BK/RD Danitrio Kama-nuri in Black over Red on Mikado Fountain Pen
TA-2EF-WH/BK Danitrio Kama-nuri in White over Black on Mikado Fountain Pen
KM-2EF-GN/BK Danitrio Kama-nuri in Green over Black on Mikado Fountain Pen
KM-88S-BG Danitrio Kama-nuri in Black on Red on Sho-Hakkaku Fountain Pen