You’re a fan of urushi pens and how beautiful they are. They’re works of art! 

But what’s on the inside? Can you actually write with them? 

The answer is: Yes!

All Danitrio pens are either cartridge/converter fill, or eyedropper. Each filling method has its advantages. 

Eyedropper pens

Six Danitrio pen models are eyedropper-fill, and come with an eyedropper for your convenience: Densho, Genkai, Junikaku, Mikado, Yokozuna, and Sho-Genkai. 

Caption: Ink storage chamber

 Eyedropper pens allow for a larger ink capacity compared to cartridges or converters. For example, the Genkai has an ink capacity of 3.7ml. To put that in perspective, that’s nearly two sample bottles’ worth. You can write quite a few pages with that. 

Caption: Danitrio eye dropper

Another feature of these eyedropper pens is the ‘blind cap’ on the end of the pen body. When twisted snugly, you can hardly tell it’s there. The cap is turned to allow the ink to flow to the feed and nib. 










Caption: Eye dropper mechanism extended out of a Mikado pen

The writer can adjust the quality of the ink flow with the blind cap. When opened more fully, ink can flow faster, which leads to a “wetter” ink experience. For a drier experience, the writer will keep the cap nearly closed. 

Caption: Eye dropper mechanism extended out of a Genkai pen

Cartridge/Converter pens

Four of our pens are cartridge/converter pens: Hakkaku, Hyotan, Sho-Hakkaku, and Takumi. The cartridge/converter doesn’t have the same ink capacity as an eyedropper system, but there are some favorable trade-offs. 

Caption: Danitrio converter (twist the knob to adjust piston draw)

Converters are easy to fill and insert into the pen. Cartridges are even easier: just plug-and-write! Cartridges are especially convenient if you are away from home. Simply keep a spare cartridge with you in case you run out of ink. 

A beautiful writer

With care, your Danitrio pen can last a lifetime. It can even be passed down through generations of your family. 

So why not write with such a beloved heirloom? It’s a work of art, to be sure. But it’s also meant to be used. Imagine all the beautiful words that can flow from that beautiful pen. 

Shop our pens today and find the one that calls to your heart.