The Danitrio Mikado Fountain Pen series wins the Pen World Magazine's Readers' Choice Awards in the category of Best Urushi Arts Pen announced on Pen World Magazine's August 2020 issue. This is the 26th year that the Readers Choice Awards have been held who collects votes from Pen World readers. In the magazine, it states that the Bernard Lyn's (Founder of Danitrio) hard work over the decades have paid off and the Mikados have earned a spot in the hall of fame.

Featured in the August 2020 issue for the Danitrio Mikado was the Danitrio Tame-nuri in Ki (Yellow) on Mikado fountain pen.

Danitrio Tamenuri in Ki-Dame on Mikado

Figure 1: Picture of the Danitrio Tame-nuri in Ki (Yellow) on Mikado fountain pen featured in the PW issue.

With Danitrio's insistence in never compromising quality and maintaining genuine urushi lacquer on all of its pens, they have been a consistent dominant product line in the world of urushi fountain pens.


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