Danitrio Kaguya-hime (Princess from the Moon) Maki-E on Yokozuna Fountain Pen


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 100% Genuine Urushi

 Contains the Maki-E Red Seal (Highest Quality of Maki-E Art)

 Hand-painted by highly-trained Japanese Artisans

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 Product Description:

This pen is inspired by The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, an ancient Japanese folklore written in the early 9th-10th century during the Heian period. Though the author of this work is unknown.

Excerpt from Danitrio:

This is considered to be the oldest tale in Japan, written during the Heian period (794‑1185). One day, an old bamboo cutter went into a forest to collect bamboo. He found an exceptionally glittery bamboo and cut it. A beautiful girl emerged from the bamboo; the old man gave the girl the name "Kaguya‑hime" and brought her to his home. The girl was so beautiful that five young nobles wanted to marry her, but she refused all of them by testing them with questions impossible to answer. She did not even accept the emperor's invitation to marriage and finally flew to the harvest moon, on the eve of August 15th (August 15th in lunar calendar is Mid-autumn Day in Asia).

About Danitrio Yokozuna Fountain Pen Series:

This is Danitrio's largest fountain pen line, giving the maki-e artisans the largest canvas to depict their masterpiece. When placed side-by-side with other pens, it towers over them with elegance and intimidation.
In sumo wrestling, the "Yokozuna" is the highest rank a sumo wrestler can achieve. The term means horizontal rope which is derived from the rope that is worn around the Yokozuna's waist.

 Nib Details:

Danitrio Number 50 18 Karat Gold Nib

This pen is furnished with an 18k Gold, #50 nib. The #50 nib comes in only one standard tip size. 

Technical Specification:

Cap Length 69 mm (2.72")
Cap Diameter 27 mm (1.06")
Barrel Length 152 mm (5.98")
Barrel Diameter 24 mm (0.95")
Pen Length (Closed) 157 mm (6.18")
Pen Length (Posted) Cap does not post
Net Weight 71 g (2.5 oz)
Net Weight (w/ink full) 81.5 g (2.87 oz)
Filling System Eye Dropper

 About the Artisan:

This pen was hand-painted by Koichiro Okazaki (Kogaku). Born in 1959. He is a renown Maki-E artisan in Japan and considers himself wholeheartedly traditional when it comes to Maki-E. He is recognized by the Japanese Government as a Dento Kogei-shi, which an honorary title meaning "master of traditional crafts" and is given only to a select few artisans who have a significant contribution to their craft. Many of his Maki-E works have been accepted and rewarded at national art exhibitions. He had learned Maki-E from a master and became an independent artisan 5 years later. He was recognized with Kao (authorized monogram) by Kuda Munenori of Sado Omote school in 1991. He performs Maki-E on many traditional accessories, hair pins, combs, jewelry, and fine writing instruments.