Danitrio Mandarin Ducks Maki-E on Hyotan Fountain Pen

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 100% Genuine Urushi

 Contains the Maki-E Red Seal (Highest Quality of Maki-E Art)

 Hand-painted by highly-trained Japanese Artisans

Mandarin ducks, known as Oshidori in Japanese, is regarded as one of the most beautiful birds in Japan. They are known to have feathers with abundance of colors. Mandarin ducks are monogamous creatures meaning that they stay loyal to their mate their entire lives, and, therefore, in Japan and other East Asian countries view them as a symbol of great fidelity and affection.

N-1100 Danitrio Mandarin Ducks Maki-E on Hyotan Fountain Pen

This pen features a mandarin duck couple. The stereotypical look of a mandarin duck is to have the red bill and reddish whisker with the white crescent above the eye. This trademark appearance is actually indicative of a male mandarin duck, which is depicted on the cap. The female mandarin duck varies in look and because of it, can sometimes be misidentified as a different duck species; one typically identifies the female by looking for a duck adjacent to the male mandarin duck as they tend to stick together. The female tends to contain less colorful feathers which resemble more uniform pale beige and a light brown bill. The female mandarin duck on this pen is depicted on the barrel.

N-1100 Danitrio Mandarin Ducks Maki-E on Hyotan Fountain Pen

N-1100 Danitrio Mandarin Ducks Maki-E on Hyotan Fountain Pen

About Danitrio Hyotan Fountain Pen Series:

The Hyotan in Japanese means "Gourd" or "Calabash", which is a fruit that can sometimes come in an hourglass shape. This series of pen does come in the hourglass shape; in the US, collectors of Danitrio pens have coined it the Mae West, one of the biggest Hollywood stars in the twentieth century known for her hourglass figure.

Nib Details:

This pen is furnished with an 18k Gold, two-toned #6 nib. What has been described by many Danitrio collectors as the fireball nib is an image of “Kaen-Kohai” which is a flame-shaped halo of “Fudo Myoo” (Acala, the God of Fire). This halo is commonly painted on the back of Japanese Buddhist statues.  

An UrushiPen.com representative will contact you to confirm nib tip size preference (fine, medium, broad, or stub) following the placement of the order.

Technical Specification:

Cap Length 65 mm (2.56")
Cap Diameter 21 mm (0.83")
Barrel Length 110 mm (4.33")
Barrel Diameter 19 mm (0.75")
Pen Length (Closed) 147 mm (5.79")
Pen Length (Posted) Cap does not post
Net Weight 35.5 g (1.25 oz)
Net Weight (w/ink) 37.2 g (1.31 oz)
Filling System Cartridge/Converter

 About the Artist:

This pen was hand-painted by Masayuki Hariya (Yuhaku). Born in 1954. Yuhaku is a regular participant of the in art exhibitions in Japan and has been awarded the "Dento-Kogei-shi" title, which an honorary title meaning "master of traditional crafts" and is given only to a select few artisans who have a significant contribution to their craft. He believes Maki-E is a craft and an art. He performs Maki-E primarily on Natsume (tea containers), jewlry, and fine writing instruments. His wife is also a Maki-E artisan that focuses on tea containers and jewelry.