Danitrio Rabbit & Bird Amongst Flowers Maki-E on Densho Fountain Pen

SKU: DE-202

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  100% Genuine Urushi

 Hand-painted by highly-trained Japanese Artisans

This colorful pen brings springtime to life with timeless images. Bird and rabbit frolic amongst bright pink blossoms, ready to welcome the bright days and warm weather. Each delicate feature, from the rabbit’s eye to the leaf veins, are lovingly painted with precision. Dark blue urushi serves as the backdrop to the pen, suggesting an early morning jaunt in the garden. Imbued with the spirit of a blossoming garden, this pen is a vivid tableau that transports you to a serene, sunlit realm where nature's beauty unfolds in the palm of your hand.

About Danitrio Densho Fountain Pen Series:

The Densho is a Danitrio series. Densho means "Tradition" in Japanese.

Nib Details:

This pen is furnished with an 18k Gold, two-toned #6 nib. What has been described by many Danitrio collectors as the fireball nib is an image of “Kaen-Kohai” which is a flame-shaped halo of “Fudo Myoo” (Acala, the God of Fire). This halo is commonly painted on the back of Japanese Buddhist statues. 

An UrushiPen.com representative will contact you to confirm nib tip size preference (fine, medium, broad, or stub) following the placement of the order.

Technical Specification:

Cap Length 68 mm (2.68")
Cap Diameter 17 mm (0.67")
Barrel Length 133 mm (5.24")
Barrel Diameter 15 mm (0.59")
Pen Length (Closed) 150 mm (5.91")
Pen Length (Posted) 175 mm (6.89")
Net Weight 28.4 g (1 oz)
Net Weight (w/ink full) 32 g (1.13 oz)
Filling System Eye Dropper

About the Artisan: 

We apologize, we do not have the artisan information for this pen. Danitrio's missing records on this pen. The artisan is unknown. Danitrio recalls the artisan was from Wajima, Japan.