Danitrio Crane & Turtle Maki-E on Takumi Fountain Pen

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 100% Genuine Urushi

 Contains the Maki-E Red Seal (Highest Quality of Maki-E Art)

 Hand-painted by highly-trained Japanese Artisans

Both Tsuru (crane) and Kame (Turtle) are Japanese symbols. Crane is a symbol for bride and turtle is a symbol for longevity.

In Japanese folklore, they say that cranes live for 1,000 years and turtles live for 10,000 years. It is common in Japan for cards or gifts to be sent with designs with crane and turtle.

 About Danitrio Takumi Fountain Pen Series:

The Takumi is Danitrio series pen that is cigar-shaped. Takumi means "good design or craft" in Japanese.

 Nib Details:


This pen is furnished with an 18k Gold, two-toned #6 nib. What has been described by many Danitrio collectors as the fireball nib is an image of “Kaen-Kohai” which is a flame-shaped halo of “Fudo Myoo” (Acala, the God of Fire). This halo is commonly painted on the back of Japanese Buddhist statues. 

An UrushiPen.com representative will contact you to confirm nib tip size preference (fine, medium, broad, or stub) following the placement of the order.

 Technical Specification:

Cap Length 68 mm (2.68")
Cap Diameter 18 mm (0.71")
Barrel Length 107 mm (4.21")
Barrel Diameter 16 mm (0.63")
Pen Length (Closed) 147 mm (5.79")
Pen Length (Posted) Cap does not post
Net Weight 28.4 g (1 oz)
Net Weight (w/ink full) 30 g (1.06 oz)
Filling System Cartridge/Converter

About the Artisan:

Danitrio Mayumi Kumano

This pen was hand-painted by Mayumi Kumano (Mayumi). Born in 1965. She is an established maki-e artisan who learned maki-e from her father, Sadahisa Kumanoin Wajima. Many of her maki-e works have been accepted and rewarded at national art exhibitions.