Maki-e, an art for the soul Book by Danitrio


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The wonderful world of Danitrio Maki-e come to life in this retrospective by Bernard Lyn. The art of Maki-e is a mystery in itself and dates back 1400 years. Bernard has a dream that his Maki-e writing instruments and other creations will show the incredible workmanship of the few living Maki-e artists using all of the legendary Maki-e techniques. It's hard to believe that all of these techniques being with the sap of the Urushi tree and date back centuries. This rare art has only survived because of the reverence passage from generation to generation. Inside these pages Bernard unveils the various forms and techniques of Maki-e in great detail and with clear illustrations. You'll also read artist's profiles, learn about the pens they've created, and be taken step-by-step through the various Maki-e techniques used to create these exquisite masterpieces. As you read through this book I hope you will realize that the Maki-e pens of Danitrio are created from the love of an age-old tradiation. When you reach the end of "Maki-e, an art of the soul" you may find yourself thinking if I were an artist....I wonder where I could get some Urushi sap.... and that's the inspiration that keeps this art form alive.

-Dean Tweeddale, Administrative Driector, Stylophiles Magazine, The magazine for pen collectors.